Foul Drainage & Waste

sewerWater is often used to transport waste from our homes and places of work. To avoid pollution and damaging the environment it is necessary to treat the discharge to allow the water to be released back into the environment. The waste itself can be either broken down or even recycled.

Francis Sant design solutions that reduce the volume of potable water used (eg graywater recycling, rainwater harvesting) as well as the treatment of waste.

Dealing with slurry efficiently on farms minimises double handling and reduces the risk of pollution . It also allows phosphates and nitrates, essential for the promotion of growth, to be recycled reducing the need for artificial fertilizers. In certain circumstances there is potential to generate energy via a digester system, reducing the energy bills for the far as well as providing an additional income stream.

Francis Sant offer a range of services , tailored to the needs of the client, in dealing with waste and waste water. These include:

  • Foul water system design
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Grey water system recycling
  • Slurry Risk Assessment
  • Circular 10/99 Assessments