Ground Water


The groundwater provides up to 1/3 of drinking water in England and helps feed rivers and wetlands. The overlying soil and rock provides protection from pollution in comparison to surface water, helping to filter out and degrade pollutants. However, once the groundwater is polluted it is very difficult, and expensive, to clean.

There are a number of directives, acts and regulations that afford protection to groundwater in particular the Water Framework Directive and the Groundwater Daughter Directives. These aim to prevent the pollution of groundwater from hazardous substances and limit the input of non hazardous pollutants.

Francis Sant recognises the importance of protecting our ground water and offer a range of services that include:

  • Assessment of Flood Risk
  • Conceptual Modelling
  • Pollution Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Permitting Reports
  • Environmental Permitting Exemptions