Surface Water Drainage

Rain falling on a greenfield site will, for most events, be absorbed into the ground. However, for impermeable surfaces (roads, roofs etc), the rainwater will run-off for nearly every event. Appropriate drainage is, therefore, required to minimise the risk of flooding and also to reduce the risk of pollutants being washed into our streams and rivers.

Francis Sant offer services to assess the risk and recommend and design effective and viable solutions.

The services offered include:

  • Site surveys
  • Drainage (Hydrologic) Reports
  • SUR1 and SUR2 Reports
  • Feasibility Studies and Project Appraisals
  • SUDS Design, including soak-away design
  • Highway drainage design
  • Pollution Risk Assessments
  • Pollution control
  • Design of Flood Protection
  • Mathematical Modelling